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Although you’ve invited your guests, are you unsure of the recipes to prepare for them? If you have a few basic cooking ingredients and high-quality halal frozen foods in frozen meat packaging, you should be good to go! A excellent option to prepare meals in large portions that last longer is to buy halal frozen beef in bulk online. These are 7 simple recipes for parties that use halal meats.

1. Ramen from Japan
It is the mouthwatering Japanese broth, glistening from a huge, ominous bowl of stew. Utilize beef mince that is Halal, ramen noodles, and vegetable stock that is readily available from large shops. Greens and the glimmer of sesame seeds are combined with the aroma of pickled ginger in the rising steam.

2. Bowls of Korean beef
The quickest and simplest of all is this. White rice, toasted sesame seeds, and halal minced beef with soy, ginger, spring onions, and carrots are served. Add some bright red chilies if you can take the heat.

3. Greek Keftedes
Making Greek meatballs is easy. With the addition of oregano flavor and traditional accompaniments such pita bread, yoghurt, tomato, chunky cucumber, and olive salad, they become distinctive and incredibly healthful.

4. Chilean Papaya Pastel
Cottage pie with raisins, black olives, and hard-boiled eggs is known as “pastel de papa” in Chile. If you plan to serve the dish over a few days, add just-boiled eggs. Many small to large gatherings find this to be one of the most popular dishes!

5. Kimchi-topped hamburgers
A common side dish in Korea made from salted and fermented vegetables is kimchi. Make burgers with halal beef, serve them with kimchi, and liven up the gathering.

6. Laotian Larb
The preferred meat salad in Laos and the northern Thai regions is called larb, and it is typically served with sticky rice. Put halal minced meat on the gem lettuce leaves and season with lime, fish sauce, ginger, coriander, and sweet chilli.

7. Turkish Pide
Feta cheese, spinach, and beef mince are used to make this Turkish pizza. It makes a delicious lunch or dinner when paired with a hearty green salad. The sumac, together with mint that is still fresh and yoghurt, livens up the gathering.

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